Our Company began as a passion for our hobby in a little town called Cava Dei Tirreni nestled between the mountains and the sea on the beautiful amalfi coast in italy. Cava has been given the name Little Switzerland” for its local geography and for the beauty of the town.

We have been friends for life and have always taken long walks in the hills, valleys and fields of the surrounding area. since our childhood we were always attracted to the gentle hum that filled the air as the bees went about there work of acquiring the life source for their community and at the same time spreading the pollen the that fed the life cycle

of the millions of flowers and trees that fill the valleys and fields. We constantly spoke about the bees without any real knowledge of them, until one day, many years ago we decided to acquire a swarm from an old apiarist (beekeeper). We begin with only four beehives and we now manage more than three hundred.
In the past we have bred other animals like hens, calves, rabbits, but at the end you always need to kill what had been raised with so much care .

With the bees is different, you need to care for them, and work with to stimulate the best possible results, to create a balance when it is time to harvest what they have produced, leaving for them sufficient honey to get them through the winter.

We must constantly protect their enviorment as better conditions for the bees, assure a perfect symbiosis with the apiarist.

The bees, like all the other animals, get sick; for various reasons due to the environment in which they are raised and chemicals that many beekeepers use this is why we use only natural products in their care.

We choose with care the pastures where we locate the bees because this is the paramount deciding factor where the bees will pick up the nectar and we only use areas which are uncontaminated and away from human intervention.

Finally we would like you to understand that the abundance of rich Mediterranean flora and the varieties of perfumes and vegetable essences that is found nowhere else is why we produce a honey of excellent quality,

I am referring to the Lattari mountains and Amalfitana Coastline where we are able to produce honey in optimal conditions of many months of flowers blossoming and the damp costal heat creates honey laced with the incredible flavors of cherry, lemon, chestnut, orange, acacia, clear mille-fleur, and honey of the eucalyptus that fills the valleys and hills overlooking the mediterranean ocean.

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We spread out around the world our Italian Traditions, our Italian Tastes, our Italian Flavors!

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