If we were a company like so many would say that Bourbon Coffee is a brand dell’Aromatika Srl, founded in 1997 in Naples, at the hands of … etc. etc.
But if we were a company like so many, Coffee Bourbon would not arrive where he is today: not part of the life of every day millions of Italians, would not partner of the main national and international events and would have a brand new establishment where every day are produced about 40 tons of raw coffee transformed … in a few words would not be in the coffee industry leader!
No, our company does not like to be one among many but a continuous source of innovation and inspiration that focuses on new technologies to offer to the world the unique and inimitable Neapolitan coffee.

But to fully understand who is Bourbon Coffee we travel in time and go back to Naples in the second half of the ‘700, what was the first city in Italy, the second in Europe and fifth in the world; the first in the world to have running water in the houses and the sewage system, in short, the reign of the Bourbons of Naples. It is in this period that Naples has had coffee, already arrived in the city for some time, and has “his” contributing not only to improve it qualitatively, but making it a symbol of the city recognized worldwide and a real social aggregator.
In a short time the streets were filled with “kaffehaus” real cultural centers such as the 800 was born the famous Gambrinus cafe that still retains the charm of a time Naples.

But what has this to do with Bourbon Coffee?

Much more than you think. It is no coincidence that our brand resume the name of a Naples of the past because it is the one that we want to revive those who choose our products.
Drink a cup of coffee Bourbon is not a simple moment of relaxation, but a sensory journey through the Neapolitan tradition and what it represents for the Neapolitans this drink: a ritual, as well as a moment of pleasure.
In Naples coffee is never says no, and above all no one is ever denied, not surprisingly was the first city to introduce the concept of “suspended coffee”.
A business meeting, a lunch or a dinner, a chat with friends in every social moment Naples has as main theme the coffee.

Bourbon Coffee is therefore not a company like any other, but a family that has grown over the years with dedication the love and passion for coffee and for its own territory, failing to take advantage of new technologies to create a quality product in full respect of the Neapolitan tradition.

The secret of the success of our products is the careful selection of raw materials, through the automated process but supervised h24 and a constant projection towards the future, mind-set that the company has adopted since the first day of birth of the brand Café Bourbon .

Born to let anybody enjoy the real Italian flavor
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