A sweet tradition for over 150 years.
The Dais S.p.A. was born in 1969, by more than a century of experience of Menza brothers – engaged in the art of bread-making since 1863.
In 5000 square meters of the first plant will churn out bread sticks, small loaves of bread for breadcrumbs and Daisino, the first and most famous snack.
Gradually the goodness Dais increase: the company expands with modern equipment, new recipes and several production lines. Today the plant – site in the industrial area of Piano Tavola – counts 16,000 square meters and boasts a cutting-edge technological apparatus in which they work more than 50 people, with the care and the artisan spirit ever.

  • 1969 Founded
  • 150 of Tradition
  • 50 and more Employees
  • 40.000.000 Snacks Produced Every Year
  • 6850 Egges used every day
Born to let anybody enjoy the real Italian flavor
  • 580 Broadway Malden MA 02148
  • +1 (781) 480 4030

Italimport Inc.


We spread out around the world our Italian Traditions, our Italian Tastes, our Italian Flavors!

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