Once upon a day there was a delicious nougat, handmade by a wise master nougat.
It is not a fairy tale, it is a delightful reality. Because that nougat is still there, and that master nougat is the grandfather of the grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather Gianni Festa, the current owner of Di Iorio in 1750.
Tasting a nougat Di Iorio is like boarding a time machine exquisite, that brings us to the history of the confectionery more good Italian. It all begins in 1750, when the ancestors of the family begin to produce nougat according to age-old traditions of this land. We are in Santa Paula, a small village in the mountains of Irpinia. From their studio, Di Iorio start with the cart around the countries and festivities, to sell their nougat, that becomes the flavor of the festival. Ends the ‘700, passes around the 800, comes the 1928 workshop Di Iorio is the only in Campania to be already old, and the official consecration of this family tradition comes with the first license Manufacturer of Nougat, conferred Vincenzo Di Iorio, grandfather of the current owner.

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