The company was founded in 1984 at San Paolo Bel Sito in the province of Naples, when its founder Luigi Bifulco, after living several years in the regions with higher production of rice, decides to start its production activities of rice and cereals.
The company has continued its activities despite being failed precisely the one who had given her life. So since 1987, his wife Francesca Marinucci becomes sole director of the company, whose family business has maintained over the years until today. In 1992, in fact, the first born Michael Bifulco enters the company as sales manager and marketing for the Italian market, which since 2004 is joined by his brother Vincenzo with the same skills to the foreign market.

In 2004 the diversification of production, with the introduction of products such as rice, beans, tomatoes, biscuits, dried fruits and pasta, and exports to various countries in the world.
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