For over thirty years, producing tableware, furnishings and art objects characterizes the production of the ICS Group Industry Cotto Salerno. We characterize the historical references of our culture, especially that of Vietri and Naples, but also openness to suggestions of all art movements since the early seventies. The research and design of some of the prestigious brands like period Luigi Massoni, also curator of the corporate logo, Paolo D’Anna, Federico Simone, Ugo Marano, Pietro List, Enzo Bianco, Fausto Lubelli helped create the stylistic image of the ICS made of technology and research, today summarized in the “Ceramics Salernitana” brand.
The company staff coordinated by Beatrice Zinno every day from birth to productive experiences ranging from the creation of urban furniture to the artifact collection company gadgets, from the art of the table up to interior design for hotel and private structures.
Pottery is an ancient and precious material, capable today as in every age, to make valuable the results of man’s hands.
Born to let anybody enjoy the real Italian flavor
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We spread out around the world our Italian Traditions, our Italian Tastes, our Italian Flavors!

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