Maestri Pastai is a journery which starts where every day come sto an end: at the table.
I was waiting for my mother to serve her fantastic home made Tagliatelle with sauce.. A rough pasta, thanks to trafilatura al bronzo, which makes it blend with the sauce.

An excellent taste which I have decided to share with the rest of the world.
From that table, where it all began, Twenty years ago, my journey has taken me to every city,town and village in Italy, the home of pasta. The best pasta in the world.

Every part of Italy, and every city , has it’s own special type of pasta, More than 80 different shapes and forms. A never ending personalized experience for Maestri Customers to try .

On this journery I have taken great care and attention when choosing raw materials. only the best. Giving you all daily the pleasure of eating a tasty dish of pasta to enjoy.

It took my mother seven or eight hours to prepare, leave to dry and then cook that dish of pasta. I used to ask, “why does it take you so long?”, I loved to listen to her answer. “Giovanni if you do something well, you show that person that you love them”.

this’ is Maestri Pastai’s only secret.
Born to let anybody enjoy the real Italian flavor
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We spread out around the world our Italian Traditions, our Italian Tastes, our Italian Flavors!

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