It is January 1, 1971 and Barilla become American. Gianni (1917-2004) and Pietro Barilla (1913-1993) give the helm of the family business, the historical pasta factory built in 1877, the American multinational Grace. The news is echoed on the local and national press. The outbreak of the Yom Kippur war between the Arab countries and the State of Israel and the subsequent, expensive, oil embargo to the West, in 1973 unleashed a heavy inflationary vortex on the Western oil-importing countries. The response of the Italian Government is a measure that requires the price freeze on food, including pasta. For years Italy are economically and socially difficult. To cope with this major crisis Grace asks the Barilla management to identify new areas of activities to diversify production. Gianni Masters becomes the coordinator of this operation. The market for bakery products is identified as a new field of action: a line of biscuits, bread substitutes and snacks quality experience and competitive in price, the result of centuries of experience gained by Barilla in cereal processing. This is what is necessary to the company, engaged in the search for a serious alternative to pasta, then mortified by the increased cost of raw materials and the simultaneous imposition of state control on the sale price. It is thus that in 1974 created the first products from Barilla brand oven.
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