“PAIP Giglio Florence”  is a company with 50 years of experience in the food industry, providing quality products linked to a  tradition of craftsmanship .

Through constant research in the difficult field of fresh products, PAIP has used the results to implement more new investments and new production capacity, specializing in the production of gnocchi with potatoes, gnocchi alla romana and polenta maize, in a new plant at the confluence of cutting-edge technologies and an accurate quality control.
Through the  pasteurization  products  PAIP  have the ability to long-term storage while maintaining their natural freshness. PAIP  ensures continuity in tradition, always looking for new ideas to improve their products, their knowledge of ‘ food industry and the satisfaction of the customer and the Italian and foreign consumers.

Born to let anybody enjoy the real Italian flavor
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Italimport Inc.


We spread out around the world our Italian Traditions, our Italian Tastes, our Italian Flavors!

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