With its 130 years of experience and a unique history, Paglieri has been part of the wellness culture of Italians for generations.

Since 1876, our brand, thanks to a variety of exclusive and high quality products, has earned a growing number of customers. Over the years some of these products have been landmarks in the body care market, demonstrating the quality and initiative that has always guided the company..

From a small perfumery artisan workshop, to production plant, and up to current large-scale industrial production , a story of passion and success can be told which makes Paglieri a leading company in the wellness market today.


All the products undergo strict quality controls, with chemical-physical and microbiological analysis on raw materials and finished products in order to ensure maximum safety.
In 1996, based on the care and attention showed towards its products and customers, Paglieri was the first in its field to obtain the ISO 9002 Quality Certificate from the Institute for Chemical Industry. Today, Paglieri implements and maintains the Quality System Certification, which is in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.


From a small workshop, turned into manufacturing and then undertaking the definitive industrial transformation, is the origin of Paglieri’s business vocation.
Fully automated packaging lines with high productivity (9000/12000 pcz.at a time) continuous bulk production, software specifically dedicated for chemical and physical checks on line, and warehouse radio frequency information over 10000 square meters of finished products, ensuring a continuous supply to retail stores where Paglieri products have their designated shelf space. Today the heritage of Italian business culture carries a “heavy burden” every year. Paglieri produces 10,700 tons of bubble bath, 3,000 tons of shower gel, 3,800 tons of liquid soap, 1,000 tons of talc powder, 10,688 grams of lip balm.

All this, is powered by Paglieri’s assets: human resources.

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