A passion that began in 1920

Intuition, passion and nearly a century of experience … these are the ingredients that gave birth to Sibat Tomarchio, the Sicilian local leader in the production and distribution of soft drinks. It all began in 1920 in Acireale when the founder, Cav. Filippo Tomarchio, started the artisan production of the first gaseous murky distributed by the method of “door to door” in glass bottles of 250 ml.
If at that time we had asked Philip Knight to imagine the success that he enjoyed his formidable recipe, surely he himself, although it was brilliant visionary and intuitive man, he would never have imagined that the recipe and the name that accompanied it have flanked generations of consumers spreading joy and freshness on the tables of Sicily and became the pride of all Sicilians and beyond.

Innovation and respect for tradition Today Tomarchio with a turnover of 10 million euro, a production of 40 million bottles, reaches over 1,400.000 families of Sicilian consumers, not counting the new families “non-Sicilian” in Italy and in the world, just less than a year, they are left captivated by the quality of its drinks.

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